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Why my computer is slow and how to make it run faster [PC & Laptop]

The most common question of every pc/laptop user is WHY IT'S RUNNING SO SLOW. Let's find out.

This video will be divided into 2 parts. In the first part I will talk about software problems, how to find what is causing a problem, what can we do about that, what is taking precious resources of our Windows operating system, etc.

The second part is about hardware problems like CPU overheating, RAM memory generates errors, the drive is dying, and more.


0:00 Introduction Part 1 - software problems

3:11 Why Windows OS is so slow

12:20 Process explorer to fight viruses

14:41 Recover free space with PriaZer

18:55 Disable unwanted programs from booting up with your OS

20:33 Uninstall unwanted programs

23:27 Part 2 - check your CPU

27:36 Test RAM memory

28:48 Test your drives

30:30 Test your Graphic Card

31:50 Final tips

So if your question sounds like:

Why my computer is slow?

Why my laptop is slow?

Why windows is slow?

How to speed up computer?

How to make a laptop faster?

How to fix a pc?

How to Speed Up Windows 10 for Gaming?

How To BOOST FPS in ALL Games?

Tips to make your computer faster

You are in a good place.


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