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📌📌 TOP 5 Cool Browser Extensions For Every Day Use 💻💻

We all love using the internet but did you know you can improve your browsing experience? With browser extensions, your life could be much better. In my video, I am gonna show you my top five favorite extensions.

Extensions for ad blocking, privacy, general stuff, and more.


0:00 Introduction

0:18 Perfect for ad blocking

2:07 Password manager & masked: emails, phones, and credit cards

5:45 Delete spying cookies

8:06 Privacy protector, ad & tracker blocker

9:25 Improve your spelling, writing especially when you use more than one language.

  • uBlock Origin

  • Blur by Abine

  • Cookie AutoDelete by Cad Team

  • Ghostery

  • Grammarly

all above browser extensions are available for Firefox, Chrome, Opera and more

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