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Keyboard shortcuts, how to use them. Improve your PC skills and work performance.

Start using a computer like a PRO. Computer SHORTCUTS. Keyboard shortcuts, how to use them and why you should care. Improve your computer skills and work performance.


Windows operating system shortcuts:

Ctrl + Shift + Esc : Open Task Manager

Ctrl + Shift + Del : Task Manager, Lock/Switch/Sign Out User, Password

Windows Button: Menu Start

Shift + Del: Permanently Deleting file/folder

Windows Button + Arrows: Changing the Active Window Position

Windows Button + Shift + Arrows: Moving Active Window to Different Monitor

Windows + Tab: Switch Between Opened Windows

Alt + Tab: Change Active Window


F2: RENAME [also mark the whole name]

Standard known shortcuts used in many applications:

Ctrl + A: Marking Everything

Ctrl + C : Copy

Ctrl + V : Paste

Ctrl + X : Cut [you can paste later]

Ctrl + F : Find

Ctrl + Z: Reverse my last change

Ctrl + S : Save

Alt + F4 : Close

Internet Browsers:

Ctrl + : Zoom In

Ctrl - : Zoom Out

Ctrl + T : New Tab

Ctrl + W : Closing Tab

Page Up

Page Down



Alt + Arrow Left: go back

Alt + Arrow Left: go forward

Watching Movies:

F: Full Screen

Arrow RIGHT: forward

Arrow LEFT: backward

Arrow UP: volume UP

Arrow DOWN: volume DOWN

Space: PAUSE

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