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How To Remove Adverts From SMART TV using simple trick [parental controls]. PART III

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Make yourself a present for the 2021 year and remove annoying adverts from your SMART TV - PART III.

✅ Part 2: 📌 [from 22m]

Recently I was testing another method we can use to block those annoying ads. This time I am gonna show you how 🛠 Parental Control 🛠 can be used here. Originally that feature is used for different things like blocking adult content or limiting the time that is spent on the internet but we will use it for something better ➡➡ for AD BLOCKING

The method is simple but requires time, it's not something we can do in few minutes but the results are great. It's worth trying! 🎈🎈🎈REMEMBER ➡➡➡ you can use this method along with the method from my video PART 1 [DNS from adguard]


0:00 Introduction [important]

1:55 Method explained - Parental Control

4:35 Method showed

5:40 How to turn ON Parental Control

8:25 Explaining what to block

20:13 Ending


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