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How To Buy a Used Gaming Computer on eBay - Guide 2021

This video will help you with your next purchase. At the moment we are not able to buy any GPU, we can forget about new NVIDIA RTX cards until the whole world situation [shorgates] will change.


0:00​​ Introduction/current situation

3:36 eBay introduction

5:20 Category 1 custom PC up to £300 $425

11:24​ Explaining the rules

34:49​ Get windows 10 pro for cheap

36:47​ Category 2 custom PC up to £500 $700

46:41 Differences between categories explained

48:45 Category 3 custom PC up to £700 $1000

51:30 Few final words

53:27 Bonus ;)

So what our options are:

-We can wait [looks like another 9 months]

-We can start building a new computer and wait for the GPUs

-We can buy a PC right now, it will not be perfect but will do for now.

The problem is:

how to buy a used custom gaming PC without been scammed or ripped off?

This video will answer all important questions. I know! IT'S LONG!! But trust me, it's worth it. This 1h will save you a lot of trouble and money, I can guarantee that.

Simply follow those roles:

1. Avoid everything without a good description

2. Avoid computers for offices: HP, Lenovo, Acer, Dell, Fujitsu, Acer

3. Avoid sellers with a low reputation

4. Avoid "ULTRA FAST" computers

5. Avoid gaming computers without graphic cards

6. Avoid computers with cheap CPU, cheap CPU = low performance

I divided that video into 3 categories:

-Category 1 custom PC up to £300 $425

-Category 2 custom PC up to £500 $700

-Category 3 custom PC up to £700 $1000

Download windows 10 here:

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