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How to add a post / picture on Instagram directly from your PC

There is a simple trick you can use on your computer and finally, you can post things [upload pictures] directly from your computer.

In this method, we will pretend that we are using a smartphone.

1. Simply login to your Instagram account

2. Click in the right top corner at your logo and choose Profile

3. Next [somewhere in an empty place] right click of mouse button and choose Inspect

4. Click on the icon for Responsive Design Mode

5. Your Instagram account will look like on the phone but before we can add a post you need to refresh the page

6. After refreshing the bottom buttons will appear. From here use your account as you use on your phone.

7. Click + button and a new window appear > choose a file you want to upload


If this method is not working for you for any reason try:

  1. different web browser

  2. remove/disable plug-ins in your browser


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