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HDD & SSD lifespan trick. Extend life of your drives 👀👀👀

🟧Are you interested in increasing the lifespan of your drives?

🟧Are you looking for an easy way to install different operating systems on different drives?

🟧Or simply want to have better control over which drives are ON and which are OFF? Install HDD Power Control Switch Hard Drive Selector SATA Drive Switcher

✅ Support 4 channels of SATA device power, each channel can be controlled separately ✅ Controls high-current power management chip with self-locking button and controls the power supply of four SATA devices (5V and 12V)

✅ The single channel controllable maximum current is 4900mA

✅ Each channel has an independent indicator light

✅ Support PCI or PCI-E baffle


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