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Command prompt Windows 10. What that is and why you should care.

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

This video is about a mysterious black box that we have in our windows operating system. Simple tricks EVERYONE should know. Basic and simple stuff.



cd -change directory

mkdir - create a new directory

del - Delete one or more files

rd - Remove (or Delete) a Directory

cls - clear screen

date - show/set date

dir - list directory content


taskkill -terminate a process or an application

tasklist - display applications and related tasks

Operating system

chkdsk /r - Scan & Fix Drive errors

sfc /scannow - Repair Windows System Files


getmac - display MAC address

ipconfig /all - display IP network settings

getmac - display MAC address

nslookup - query the DNS Find a Website's IP Address

ping - "Are U There?"

netstat - network connections that are active

netstat -a - the same + open ports

tracert - It displays a list of all the routers that a packet must go through


Ctrl + C will cancel a command

shutdown -f -t 10 - computer will shut down

anycomand /? - displays more info


Czu Bek
Czu Bek
Jul 03, 2021

Yoł, Great stuff and cool content! From basic commands you can add one more: ping :) and maybe in the future comparison to the younger brother Powershell :) Keep up the good work, mate! Cheers Czubek :)

Jul 04, 2021
Replying to

thx mate, happy that U liked it. Thx for being a member :D

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