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Basic computer security for beginners. Viruses, Trojans, Ransomware, Malware. How to fight back.

Let's talk about basic computer security. What you need to be safe while working on your laptop/computer. Is antivirus everything you need, if not what else?

These days we have so many threats. "Good old" viruses are nothing compare to other malicious software.

I will talk about 8 different things you have to consider:

1. Antivirus - ramble about different options

2. Firewall - what that is and why is very important. Differences between hardware and software firewalls.

3. Key Scrambler - what that is and how this will defend you. Especially from stealing your logins, passwords, bank details.

4. Browser extensions - plugins to your web browser to help to protect you [ex: 3rd party cookies]

5. Clean your OS - your operating system after some time require good cleaning from all the junk that has been gathered from internet browsing.

6. Update your OS - protect yourself from hackers who look for security holes

7. Encryption - encrypt your data. We don't want anyone to have access to our photos and other important for us things.

8. Email alias - due to data breaches we are constantly at risk of losing our account details like login and passwords. Don't use 1 email address for everything. Have a few different things.


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