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Backup your family photos with NAS. Make your SMART TV even smarter. Play retro games. 3in1 project

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

We will build a home NAS server to backup all our important data like pictures from holidays.

We all need to have this 1 place to store our data. These days we are using many phones, laptops, tablets, etc, and that DATA is everywhere. This simple solution sorts that issue.

Part 2 is about making your SMART TV even smarter. Simply by connecting this build to your TV via HDMI cable we will watch our favorite content. Using your SMART TV is ok but it's very limited, with this solution we are unstoppable. We can block ads, watch anything anytime, and more.

Part 3 is about RETRO GAMES [nintendo, pegasus]. We all love them. Good old Super Mario Bros, Tanks, Tetris, and much more. Again we will use our build for that. I'm gonna show you quickly how to do that, where to find those games and with a fancy wireless retro game controller, you can impress your friends. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------


0:00 Introduction

1:43 Why NAS Network Attached Storage

2:33 Best NAS for home use

5:31 NAS requirements

6:46 HP 290 G1 Microtower Bussines PC

12:05 Differences between HDD and NAS HDD drives

17:28 Differences between Hardware and Software RAID

20:01 Few things about configuration Windows 10

22:13 PART 2 - SMART TV smarter

24:49 PART 3 - how to play RETRO GAMES ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Process Explorer v16.42

run retro games with FCEUX

download retro games from WoWroMs

K400 Plus Wireless Touch Keyboard


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