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Amp in any car. Use new tech. Plug and play amplifier

Updated: Jan 18

If your car doesn't have an amplifier and you don't want to spend too much money this video is for you. Fast and easy way to improve drastically your car audio system.

✅ no cutting

✅ no need for making any connectors/plugs

✅ no need for any wiring

Use the so-called plug-and-play mini amp in your car

This video is showing BMW F30 as an example but the principle is the same for all cars

In this video I used POWERBOX65.4M-V7: Powerbox 520 Watt Micro 4 Channel Amplifier

together with T-HARNESS

✅ POWERBOX 65 4M + 400 1M install

• POWERBOX 65 4M + 400 1M install

✅ BMW F30 328i Speaker & Subwoofer Upgrade — The Complete Guide


0:00 How we can use technology to improve the sound system in our car

2:04 Plug-and-play product Vibe Powebox 4 channel mini amp

4:54 Before you do anything

6:56 Installing amplifier in BMW F30

10:45 changing cabin filter in BMW F30 BOSH R 5503

14:40 testing new amp


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