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15 years old printer could be the best cheap printer for home use and more?

Do you need a printer at home but you are afraid of buying something wrong or something expensive to run? This video is for YOU.

Personally, I am using ex-office printer from the 2006 Brother model HL-5240. This piece of machinery is reliable and strong as a tank. Is printing around 30 pages per minute and the toner cartridge will print thousands of pages before you think about refiling. BTW they are extremely cheap to buy as well. In my video, I will explain what to look for before you made any purchase. After watching this your new/old printer will be bought with full confidence. There are simply a few rules we need to follow to avoid been tricked or scammed.

  • We will be looking at only well-known companies like Canon, Lexmark, HP, Brother, or Xerox

  • We need to check if the printer is supported by our operating system

  • Your new printer has to have cheap toner cartridges


0:00 Introduction

1:10 Solution

2:51 Explaining the rules

9:06 How to buy used printer on the 2nd hand market


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